Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Love & Honor yourself

Topic: let's talk 
Love & Honor yourself   2/1/2017

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Why Do We Settle?

dDTalks on: "Why Do We Settle"
Join In & Participate (2/7/2017)

Couple of nights a week with dDTalks discussing real issues on Curvy matters.
Join live. Pls Share & tag your friends & family.
Time is 9pm EST | 8pm CST | 6pm PST
Let's tackle it together
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The other Woman

Let's be real! It's adult conversation
Topic: The other Woman
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Oh - The Things We Do For Love!!! (Vals Day)

Oh - The Things We Do For Love!!!
How far would you go for love?
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It's a day set aside just for love. How far would you go for love?

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone😘😘
Join dDTalks tonight @ 9pm EST. Tag, invite & share.

Remember this:
"....And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love....."

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dDTalks "When Roles Get Reversed"

Sometimes, the tables do turn & the roles get reversed! What happens when roles are switched? Hmmmmmm! That's a hot topic 🔥!
At 9PM EST, plug in to listen & participate in this discussion with dDTalks. Share, tag & forward to & with your friends/family. Don't listen alone

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"Married Or Dating, YET Alone"

We are live! Welcome to dDTalks.
Topic: "Married Or Dating, YET Alone"
Let's talk about it. Join the conversation

Rendez-vous With dDTalks Tonight!!! 
Yup, Let's talk about it. There's no me without you!
And today's hot topic is hot...🔥🔥🔥
"Married or Dating Yet Single!" Wahala...
It's Tuesday. If you are a parent, Finish homework early with the kids & tuck them in bed. If are working, hurry home so you can plug in to the dialogue. It will be happening live right here on Facebook.

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Sleeping With "The Enemy"

Sleeping With "The Enemy"
That's the topic with dDTalks Tonight.

It's Thursday & it's Talk Time with dDTalks. Get ready to listen & participate. Your opinions make a huge difference.
Topic is ---> Sleeping With "The Enemy"
Time is ---> 9PM EST
*So who's the enemy? Tune in to find out.
*Are you sleeping with one? Let's figure it out.
*What should u do about it? ....let's discuss it.
Tag, Share & Invite all your friends & loved ones. It's a real dialogue & we are streaming live!!!

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