Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Continent's Promise

What does my continent have in store for me?

If I chose to go back to the motherland today,
what is the promise that my continent has to offer me?
Will I be able to contend myself that there will be a way,
or I will have to make my own way?

Will there be a fair process to make my way,
or I'd have to do holla hoops?

What is that promise?
I want to go back to you motherland!
Show me the promise, so I can plan my way back.
I long to breathe your air, bask in your sun,
till your soils, sow in your grounds and just enjoy it.

My dreams are deeply rooted in your promise.
I can no longer sleep peacefully because they must
be accomplished. My dreams are now a burden I
must unload off my shoulders. Many are waiting to benefit.
Oh motherland, make a way for my return a pleasant one.

You would be happy when the dreams come to live!
Oh I know you would be proud.
Dear Motherland, pave the way and make it happen.....soon!


Kah said...

Girl, take it from me ... you'd have to do some hoola hoops! And it won't be just one, it'd be from every joint in your body that can move i.e. neck, knees, elbows, wrists, etc.
Mami, make you no dream too much, I beg, and make you set the bar of expectations re motherland really low, I beg.
I actually laughed when I read "fair process ..."
But make you no label me a dreamkiller, sis, dream on!!! :) Maybe na your dreams go fit helep motherland, but massa, wusai you go start? Dang!!!

Unknown said...

"Those who say that it can not be done... should not stand in the way of those doing it."
-a Chinese proverb

I love your thoughts, Di- Your dreams are real. That's why you're having them, and that makes them even more real. There is not one thing that exists that did not seem unrealistic... before someone did it. Before some one dreamed it, thought it, wrote it, planned it, created it, built it, conquered it, it had never been done.

40 examples of how Africa has been... Do not equate to the reality of how Africa will be. It's happening now. & You are part of it !

Stay Tuned-
( smile )