Monday, November 3, 2008

Will a Black President Change the Black Man's Image?

We are 75% certain that Obama will win his race to the White House!
But that 25% is the kind of unpredictability factor that we simply can't rule out.

But if in fact, Obama does win, will that reinforce the positive reflection of our black men?
I speak not of any particular man, but simply of the perception of the black male in America!
Will the black feel more secure in his ventures and dreams?
Just how will it impact the image of the Black Male?
Will the son's we are raising today be reassured that the system will work in their
favor if only they did their part?
So many questions to be answered.
But one thing is certain. Either way, Obama has opened a new door of possibilities
to all those who just BELIEVE that any dream is possible if they stay the course!

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Anonymous said...

Having a 'Black' president does change things on a national propestive. It takes what was never thought to happen in this country into history that is being wriiten in present tense(i am still elated!). But we as a black society have to remember Obama is not going to feed us what we want...just like he had to 'Work EXTREMELY HARD' to get where he is today, we would have to do the same. YES! it gives us hope for bigger and better things for the black man... but trust will not come easy...individually, we face our dreams/destiny...the question is... how hard are you willing to work for yours?
J :)