Monday, November 3, 2008

Our We Finally Ushering In Obama??

It's now down to the hours. After almost two years of the Audacity to Hope
and dream for more than meets the eye, we can finally see the finish line.
And what a journey it has been been! We have dreamt along, even though
there were nights when we more consumed by the fear of losing, or simply
the uncertainties of the race than we were of our candidate's faith and
steadfastness in his course!

But in the end, Hope, Change, Fearlessness and Courage will triumph. The virtues
that we rarely find in our everyday politicians that has been so dexteriously
demonstated by Senator Obama....may I say President Obama.
Helas, we live to see this day! The day that will change this Nation and the
World at large.

We will be witnessing the historical election of the First Black President in
the next few hours! WAOH~~~
Given this nation's history, this is simply MONUMENTAL.

The world will be glued to their TVs tomorrow! The anxiety is too high!

PLEASE, GO OUT & VOTE for your candidate of choice.
It's your civic duty and you owe it to yourself and your fellow citizens.
It's the least you can do!

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