Sunday, May 11, 2014

It's Mother's Day, but it's also exactly 1year since Daddy left Us (05/11/2013)!!!


It's a solemn day.....for me that is!!!
I feel like celebrating, but I can hardly find the strength to. 
She was called Grace & she lived up to her name.
Mama left us far too soon. We barely had a chance to know her.
We have fond childhood memories of her.
I still remember the gentle edges of her beautiful face like fresh cologne.
And the images of her smile and voice re-echo in my head.
Her sudden departure changed our lives forever.
My memories of a mother's hug and love may seem forlorn,
Yet the little I have has stayed with me till this day.
Pieces of her life get offered to us by her friends & family.
I pause to give special thanks to the Sakerettes. 
What an honor to discover the woman she was....
Graceful Grace Bosen Daiga.... Gone but not forgotten!!

There was Daddy. Ba Daiga!! 
He stepped up like no other man that I know.
He had big shoes to fill and he did the very best he could.
He became Mama & Daddy. Our resource, our life-line.
Though I was young, I could tell the times when 
he was challenged by his dual role. But he braved it.
We used to forage his home office out of pure curiosity 
As though we were on a candy chase.
I discovered books on how to raise your children, parenting guides,
 prayer points on children and family & special notes in his dairy.
Yes, he kept a dairy/journal - detailed ones too....:)
And true confessions, I was naughty, we were. 
(i snooped around)'s a girl thing. Sometimes I think he 
deliberately left some notes...:) And We thought We were smart?? ...Oh well

Even though we had Daddy around for much longer, he still left too us soon.
The void and emptiness is almost tangible.
The sting of their departures .....
I miss them. I Will Always Love them.
I'm still thanking God for selecting them as my parents, our parents.
They did great! We are braving it too. Standing tall.
We will never forget them. Never....R.I.P
Keep watch over us Private Angels!!

On this day, I say thank you to all The Aunties, 
My many Aunties, My grand-mothers & Friends who made 
it so much easier for us to not feel this void. 
I only hope God grants me more so I can pay it forward.  
May heaven enrich & enlarge your kingdoms.

Happy Mother's Day to All The Women Out There!!

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