Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Am Just Me. A Unique Me. That Me is Who I Am!

State of Mind When Written: I was having a conversation with a colleague and somehow wondered off into blogs. Then I remembered my old blog and decided to pay it a visit. It was a simple follow up question on an article I directed my colleague to that led me into a discovery I had never thought of. The question was: "how many views did you get on that?" My response, I was clueless and didn't even know I could track it.... Then I logged in, and BAMMM!!

Today, after several years of being both an active & inactive blogger, I finally discovered how great GOOGLE really is! It had been tracking some valuable stats for me that I had never taken the time to appreciate. It tracked how many articles I had posted over the years. The number of comments, the location of most readers. But what fascinated me the most was the number of page viewers, article viewers and profile views that it had tracked.

I discovered that I had 1,641 Profile Views Since December of 2007!!! Are you kidding me??? Did we even have FaceBook and all those cool apps then? And I posted zero articles since 2009 except for 1 in 2014 again. Holy Cow!! And total "PageViews all time history was" - 2,398!! Those numbers MADE MY DAY...:)

The article with the most reads of 406 was "Are relationships overrated?".  Go fish for it.

I'm re-reading some of my own postings too. I guess I was always an Obama Girl! :)

Hey People, Listen!! I'm simply in awe!!

Something in me just got stirred up! It's the creative me!

It's alive again & it's going back to work!

Thank You Google!
Thank You Readers!
Please Come Back Again!

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