Friday, January 11, 2008

Double Dose on Resolutions: My Birthday Weekend

State of Mind When Written: It’s my birthday weekend and I’m simply feeling really good about all the birthday greetings coming my way. And it’s only Friday! Plus I had been reflecting all week about what I really wanted for myself with this upcoming birthday. Here are some of the thoughts that arose from that exercise.

First, let me just say TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday)! Overall, it’s been a phenomenal week as far as I’m concerned. Although Sen. Obama conceded to Sen. Clinton last Tuesday, I say the race just began. I’m more focused on the historical elements that are resulting from this whole process. All said and done, the week is ending really well. I feel great!

Okay, back to this birthday weekend of mine. On Monday, I’ll be hitting another personal milestone in my life as I will be tearing off the pages of another entire calendar. Because my birthday is so early in the year, I always get a double dose of all my resolutions. I get to make them by the 1st, and then have to revisit them again by the 14th. So throughout the first two weeks of the year, I tend to be in a constant state of examining and re-strategizing my goals for the year.

A few days ago, I blogged about our need as a people to strive for excellence! As I reflected even further on that subject, I realized that to be a great advocate of this kind of excellence I needed to shoot for more in all areas of my own life as well. I realized that I needed to have the mental, physical and spiritual all synchronized. So what do I really mean by that? For the Mental, it applies to my thought process, readiness and endurance to pursue this cause. For the Physical, it means I need to transform my physical self to reflect the story of excellence. I swear this is going to take some kind of miraculous intervention to achieve but I’ll keep trying. Like they say, you can’t be faulted for trying, but you can certainly be faulted for no effort. And as for the last aspect, the Spiritual, it would mean shooting for spiritual growth and manifesting it in my daily actions. Is that being too ambitious? I say its just part of the whole process. I will be reporting back more often on how I fair on this journey.

So in this reflection, “I listened to my thoughts and found my wish for this birthday” - in the pseudo paraphrased words of Hillary. Well, that’s what I want a double dose for myself on this birthday and New Year. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t be accepting all the gifts you have for me u know…..!(*_*)! Hey, U can’t blame as Sista for trying right?!

Alright, before I go, thanks to all those who’ve already started pouring in their birthday wishes. I luv y’all and appreciate u.

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