Friday, January 4, 2008

OBAMA’s victory: America’s hope for change indeed!

First and foremost! WAOH! Obama won the Iowa Caucus with an unquestionable majority! I have not been able to sleep and still have shivers of excitement! This must be the America that we all dreamed about. The one that MLK envisioned decades ago.

Congratulations Obama! Way to Go!

Last night, Jan 04, 2008 was and I date it for memory, what I would call historical and phenomenal. The “baddest” underdog in the house took the world by storm and had most of the analysts and reporters totally baffled and unprepared for what unfolded in the nations eyes. It was not only a monumental accomplishment for Senator Barrack Obama, but one for the nation, the blacks across the world and the Democratic party notwithstanding. Remember that Obama’s decision alone to run the race gave new live and bred hope in the party’s campaign future. Even though somewhere along the lines, we all feared it would be an election based on race or gender, but those lines were clearly defied yesterday. Is it possible that we are getting to a point where the divider is not our skin but our issues? For now, I’ll just let it sink and enjoy the moment.

And then there was Obama’s speech! My Goodness! I just feel like catching the next flight to New Hampshire to give the guy a big hug. The speech of “hope” in my opinion just swapped places with the famous “MLK- I have a Dream” speech. You would have thought Obama had private conversations with all the former presidents, dead or alive before taking the stage. With that kind of charisma and momentum, we can forge on and dream anything for our White House, knowing that it is Achievable. This was just the kind of energy we needed at the dawn of this new year to jumpstart our engines without fear or reservation.

It’s been a good race so far. Loving every bit of this…..


Nshek said...

It is great to see how far the african-american community has come in its struggle for recognition. Obama is a shining light in the mist of darkness. He carries the hope for a new America, he carries the hope for a better America. my question is, will they let him lead this country. We should be very carefull with what comes out of these caucuses experience has shown that it sometimes far from the final outcome.
Somebody just told me this morning, that the republican must be happy with obama's lead, because he is less of a threat to them. I don't know how relevant this assertion may be, but one thing for sure, the race is far from being over.
As africans leaving in this country, we must show our support to Obama. He is one of us and he is the voice of the voiceless. He is God's way to put our continent on top of the world.

dDaiga said...

Hi Ed, you are so right. The race has just begun! We can't get too comfortable at the moment. And as far as Republics preferring Obama as a lead, they better be prepared. For now, don't worry about the naysayers, roll your sleeves and get to work. Let's go the extra mile to see this happen. Only then can we go to sleep knowing that we gave it our best shot.