Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If the end was now

State of Mind When Written: Reflecting on the senselessness of untimely deaths that I’ve been reading about from my homeland. Plus a conversation about my late Mum a couple of days ago triggered these thoughts even further. My Mother (Mama as we lovingly called her) lost her life to a fatal car accident over 2 decades ago. And then the same scene was repeated again, except this time it was multiplied by 3 when My Late Aunt and 2 Cousins crossed over as a result of another reckless driver. It’s hard to imagine I’m alluding to a few years now. But I’ve always wondered, what they or I would have done differently, if they had even remotely imagined that the end was so neigh! Herewith My endless thinking….
By dDaiga -1/18/08

If the end was now?
Well, I’d say the end of what? The end of everything is in essence the beginning of something else. The end of a childhood is the beginning of an adulthood. The end of one relationship is the beginning of a single life …(or maybe not)! It could be the beginning of another one ….(yeah!)! The end of one job could mean the search of new one. Or better yet, a switch in careers. And then there’s the end of life….well, the end of life is the end of life! But it may very well mark a new beginning for the people you leave behind, except that it may be sad, empty or ironically happy without you in it. So in reality, the key is to eternalize the notion that an end may or will come. And when it does, see it as a chance to jump into a new beginning.

So if you were told this morning when you woke up that today will mark your final hours of life, or maybe they gave you a week, a month or even a year more to go! What would you do differently? Most people never get that notice.

So would you at least feel lucky that you were given a chance to fix all your loose ends?
Would you confident about having accomplished your purpose here on earth? What is your purpose anyway? Would you feel like you left a good legacy behind or you’d use those final hours to create one? Would you think about all the things you should have done yesterday that you are still procrastinating today?

Just what would you do to prepare yourself for those final hours?
Who would you call to forgive or ask for forgiveness?
Who would you call to say goodbye to or heck, curse out?
Who do you think would miss you the most?

What in your opinion would really matter if the end was now?
Would it be that job that you neglected your family and loved ones for?
Would it be the church that you are so committed with?
Would it be the organizations that you are so passionate about?
Would it be all the money you saved or never saved?
Or would it simply be the quality of your relationships with your family and friends?
Hopefully, you wouldn’t be consumed by regrets.

In figuring out those answers, you may actually find yourself on a new journey to a meaningful and purposeful life. Make right of today what you wronged yesterday.

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