Monday, December 31, 2007

* Can We Erase Mediocrity?

State of Mind When Written:
Constantly tired of seeing myself and the people I know to be of where I originate from settling more and more for less and compromising in areas where non is needed. Seeing ourselves loosing our self-esteem and resigning to nothingness because we no longer think but actually believe there's no other outlet. Just being sick and tired of being dominated by mediocrity instead of excellence. For simply being in a place where I desire more and remain willing to improvise news ways of getting there if that's what it takes.

I have always marveled at how gifted and blessed we are as a people! Yet, we only utilize a fraction of our potential! Is it because we are scared of our own aspirations, or we fear being labeled as over achievers? Even worse, is it because we have been trained without even realizing it to settle for average because it is as good as excellent? Where just getting by will do the trick and long-term planning has exposed our lack of foresight? Or is it because we have failed to nurture excellence and simply rejoiced in our mediocrities for the safety nest it creates?

Now, the problem in my opinion is not that accepting mediocrity is such a bad thing. The underlying problem with this is the fact that it unknowingly reflects in so many other areas of our lives. Over time this same level of mediocrity will affect our value system. It would reflect in our choices for the schools we attend or send our children; it would reflect in our pay-scale at work because the base pay will be just fine; it would be seen in the type of places we choose to congregate in or in the level of expectations we have for our leaders and the standards we uphold them to; even the type of products we import into our countries (rejected tires, old cars, clothes, shoes, appliances etc and I could go on) will be indirectly impacted. Needless to say though, I also understand that when you don’t have, anything is just as good. I have been there and can relate. I’ve benefitted from the benevolence of mediocrity. However, what I question is whether or not we should be subjected to receiving and accepting anything simply because we have nothing or feel obligated to wait till we can actually get what we want and go for it. Can a beneficiary be allowed choices? Maybe just enough isn't such a bad idea if it means a chance at dignity today so that we can shoot for excellence tomorrow.

Even as I say these things, let me caution that when it comes to excellence or above average and beyond the norms, I am mindful that not everyone desires it or will attain it. I’m yet to get there myself. But because excellence is relative, for the consciously willing who honestly and earnestly strife for it, they might invariably attain it without necessarily waiting for all the societal accolades. Thankfully while in the process, their individual achievements would eventually serve as collective gains.

Permit me to ask though, can we expect and task ourselves to more without reservations? Is erasing a mindset of mediocrity achievable for us as a people? I challenge you, because I am equally gravitating on that path myself, to rise up and demand more for yourself and everything else that you represent. We just might see different results if we made the effort.

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Anonymous said...

Nice essay. Quite an analysis of how ME - DIE? - OK - CARE I have become... I will challenge my self a new to even Die and not care.