Wednesday, December 26, 2007

* Sisters, Let's Make a Difference

Sisters, Let’s Make a Difference
By diane Daiga 12/26/07

State of Mind when writing:
This piece was always in me. I just decided to let out today.

We hear our brothers complaining everyday about how much we’ve changed.
My sisters, let’s listen and make some positive changes.
We hear them saying we don’t cook their dinners anymore.
My sisters, let’s listen and cook for them.
We hear them saying we have stopped loving the way we used to.
My sisters, let’s listen and love them till all they know is our love for them.

Our brothers say we are not supportive anymore.
They say we are closed up and focus only on ourselves.
They say we are suing them more and more.
They say we don’t respect them enough.
They say we minimize their input and overlook their dreams for us.
They say we let them down when they depend on us.
How sad it is to see our brothers cry in silence and accept the abnormal as normal.
Can’t we make it better for them?
Can’t we change that image and story for them?
Can’t we bring back that smile on their faces?
Can’t we restore their faith in the family structure?

I think we can my sisters. We need to make that difference today.
We need to be relentless, because it’s going to take more than a day.
We need to be patient, because that’s how long it will take to effect that change.
We need to be calm, because there’ll be crazy days of frustration ahead of us.
We need to be strong, because on some days, our brothers will be weak.
We need to be present, so that we don’t regret yesterday’s actions tomorrow.
We need to be trustworthy, so they can rebuild their faith.
We need to be dependable, so that they can believe again.
We need to be loving because that will be the source of our strength.

So my sisters, if we just do our part and let them worry about theirs,
We would be making a difference.
If we just play our roles and complain less, because I know we will,
Then we can free our minds that the blame is no longer on us.
But my sisters, to make that difference, we must start by changing today.


Anonymous said...

You are right my dear. We have to change and make a difference. I think we are just too excited over being property owners and what have you.
Thanks dD

dDaiga said...

Anonymous T,
I'm glad you share this view. Like they say; 'no knowledge or experience gained is wasted', it applies to 'no effort made goes in vain.'
Ur contribution matters.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post ma Diane. It got me re-evaluating some values. I hope u'd permit to share this article. I'd like to forward to a friend to read.