Saturday, December 29, 2007

* This ma backside sef.....

A little while back, I was wearing some jeans and one of my favorite tops as I made some errand runs for the weekend. It was the type of top that does justice to your body and accentuates all your curves just the way you want them to. Are u feeling me there? I wasn't looking my Sunday's best, but I was feeling good about myself and minding my own business while I walked past some Latino brothers. Their comments and compliments is what jolted me back to the reality of the moment. I could hear them ogling, whistling and whispering at me. I could have easily gotten offended and declared that I was being disrespected or harassed as my diversity awareness video at work teaches me, but instead I smiled back at them as if to say they had my permission to admire and compliment me in any way that suited them.

Okay, let me be honest here, I was actually enjoying that sudden attention. Those are the kinds of little things that actually turn out to constitute the highlight of my day. I reveled in it as they uttered words like "mamamiya, senorita ...." and what have you. Most of the other words, I couldn't pick up. For a few seconds, I regretted why I hadn't taken my self learning Spanish lessons more seriously. I was dying to understand what they were saying. I knew however that from the glare on their faces, their smiles and body language, it had to have been some flattering words. This scenario created a vivid flashback of life back home. Of how each time when I would come out of a taxi to go to "Marche Centrale", the "garri boys" or sidewalk vendors would almost terrify me with their crude method of paying compliments. Now that was what I called a very thin line between complimenting and harassing. Their animalistic instincts were untamed and they took pride in it. I'm sure if they were even given a chance to clean up, they would have opted out. They had become so good at it. With them, you couldn't win for loosing. If you were too thin, you spelled out trouble. Too voluptuous, you made their day. Too tall or too short, you stood out. Was there a definition to a perfect woman for these men?

Later that day, I began to ponder! What triggers that kind of rush in men? Was I getting all that attention simply for swaying those hips, or moreso because of my behind? And if you've met me, you'd understand why I dare to think that. But Ah ah! This ma backside sef! Na wa oh! I must be favored. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even begin to conceive the thought of life without the highs and lows of such compliments and criticisms. No matter how mundane or refined, it has a place in life’s maze.

So I’ve been thinking about some of those little things that we’ve taken for granted or can’t seem to find a place for because we are so busy trying to catch up with our daily routines that we fail to realize its significance in the formation of our history when we rise up to our tomorrow.
Blog buddies, I’ll save those little things for tomorrow’s blogger.


Anonymous said...

Ok... That is what I call tempting the world.

dDaiga said...

More like teasing Anonymous~_~! thx for your comment

Anonymous said...

Hello Diane,
I have always known you as a very talented young lady but never did i equate writing to be one of them. I must confess that i was very impressed with your blog.
First the picture is right. i loved the attire and the smile.
Second, the articles, your choice of words and ease of transition made my day. I enjoyed mostly the articles on our everyday lives. I care little abt the political issues, but the one on your "makandi " was terrific. i am looking forward to reading more of such.
May i propose an idea?-- make them short. As such people would be ready to read all thru. I am encouraging friends to visit the site.

Have a wonderful week and see you on the net.

dDaiga said...

Hello Anonymous U,
waoh! those were some very generous compliments and I appreciate each one of them.
As for the length, I will try to make them shorter. I easily get carried away when I start writing. But I go try oh...
And by all means, continue to share the blog. It's intented for people to read..thx again.